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  •  What is mastering ?

  • Mastering is the art of capturing the most of a musical performance and thereby faithfully rendering the artist’s vision. Mastering helps bridge the distance between the artist and the listener.

    Morever, mastering makes music compatible and competitive for the consumer market, so that each title sounds good on any kind of stereo system.

  • With our analogue equpment and our Studer-Tape-Mastering we form an unique warm and harmonic sound.



How is mastering done ?

Mastering (premastering) brings the various frequency levels of a music title into perfect harmony. Sub-bass, mid-range, presence, and hi-end are individually edited.

Multi-band compression, limiting and SPL maximizing are used to obtain the optimal sound level and perfect volume level (subjective audible volume level) of the different frequencies. The human ear hereby proves itself a particular challenge because it perceives various volume levels differently strong. Each kind of music gets it's specific dynamic and level, in special cases this means maximum attack.

Mastering can also influence the stereo signal. Stereo balance, stereo spread and stereo phase are edited. This is to guarantee that nothing is erased, such as in the bass level, or when a title is heard in mono, or with a very large stereo base.

Noises are eliminated. A special analysis can separate noises from the original signal. They are removed through noise reduction, de-clicking, de-cracking. De-essing removes disturbingly strong "s" or sibilants.

The beginning and ending of a title has to be cuted exactly, or a maxi is edited to a single version.

To set up a master CD it is necessary to write different data in the table of contents (TOC). There is CD text and the isrc code.

Our competece: mastering according to industrial standards

As the last creative part in the process of music production, the mastering has a high responsibility. With more than 20 years of experience and 30'000 masters (mostly for Sony Music) we can say we are truly committed to take this responsibility seriously. Our employees have the competence and passion to make music sound its best. [ read more... ]

Technical requirements

To get the best possible result the following conditions are helpful:

  • Samplerate: 44.1, 88, 96Khz or higher
  • Audio format: uncompressed, 16, 24 or 32 bit
  • Digital level: just below 99% (without any compression, limiting)
(44,1 KHz 24 bit is a very useful format)

Please don't use any compression, limiting, exiter, stereo-spread or enhancer in the sum signal.

If the conditions are not perfect in this case, we do our very best.



The cost of one Master CD is EUR 60.00 (+VAT).
One master CD consists of:

  • 1 master CD tested for one hundred percent readability
  • optinal you can get a DDP master file
  • CD text
  • ISRC Code
  • Entry into the gracenote database
  • 1 CD-R copy
  • Shipping and handling

In this case we master groups of individual instruments or voices separately and merge them analogue. This is e.g. very common in hip-hop. With separate processing of voice and playback in the mastering we can edit more selective and effective. In the world of club music we often edit the rhythm section or the bassdrum separately. We calculate the standard duration cost (see the price calculator on our homepage) plus 10 EUR for each extra track. If there are any questions please contact

For the sound-gurmées is our Studer A 80 1/4” tape recorder available. We will send the already mastered signal, even before we digitally convert, through the analogue tape machine. There, the title will be recorded on tape and played back in seconds. It creates an unique sound. The "before/after" the difference is tiny but fine. The sound is more homogeneous, natural, it gets more depth, simply great. It combines in a wonderful way the best qualities of both worlds, the precision and the power of digital sound meets the charm of the analog world. You get this service without any extra charge. For more information look at or blog:

The same way you can split a stereo signal into a left and right signal, you can split it into a middle and side signal. The middle signal is the sum of left and right. The side signal is the difference of left and right.

When we split the signal this way we have other possibilities to edit when mastering. We can edit individual instruments in the stereo panorama, and it is possible to edit the middle signal and side separately. This is useful for editing the hihat or a doubled (left/right) guitar.


Our prices for mastering we calculated according to the duration of the titles. With increasing total running time of the production the price per minute reduced.

Please enter the total running time in the calculator calculator.

  • For the tape-mastering we don't calculate any extra fee .
  • For the stem-mastering we calculate EUR 10,00* each separate track.

*) This offer mainly refers to commercial customers. All prices are therefore net prices. Customers from Germany and private individuals from the EU have to add 19% VAT. There are no additional costs beyond the indicated minute prices.


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