The master sounds really good, this is some great work. I am looking forward to working with you on some new projects. Have a great day!

G.A., Toledo (USA)

Dear Stefan, Thanks for the mastered tracks. I like the result. Merci

M.R., Geneva

Hi Stefan! We are all really satisfied about your work, fast and very good indeed! I'm sure we will collaborate again with you in the future.

R.G., Turin

Hi Stefan

the songs sounds great. Thanks a lot for your job!

Kind regards!
F.M. Torino, Italy

I enjoy your work so much! I send you today a new song for mastering 'r&roll not dead' ... (hard rock garage band style !!!)

C.G., Strabourg (France)

Stefan ! You are great man! Thanks a lot for your perfect job.

F.F., Dubai

Aha ok thats what i thought. I am very satisfied and greatful for the help. Thank you and i am recomending you to other people

A.A., Sweden

Thanks Stefan - that's what I wanted

S.D., Ireland

Dear Stefan, Thanks for the mastering. I like it too much. You are the best like always.

F.F., Dubai

Hey! I'm happy with the results! Once again... I will be sending through more tracks within the following weeks. Thanks again! Im looking forward to more work with you soon.

N.P., Brooklyn, NY

Damn! I'm very pleased. You are going to Master my songs in future. I will just complete the tune. It sound very well.

T.F., Sweden

Many Thanks for the  excellent work!  I continue  work in other music  song and  send  for  you  when finish, for  u mastering! (great result)

J.B., Chile

Hello again Stefan, I'm very happy for mastering. Very good job. Congratulation!! Sincerely,

J.S., Spain

Thank you for SUPA COOL SWEET SOUND pre-mastering!!!! it's always a pleasure to master with your online service!!!! It's a realy good job...i've poped up the volume of my home monitors to maximum and it was SWEET sound also...even if it holly damn loud....not as terrible home demo mastering as i do for my demos...lol... Hope soon to upload more tunes to master!!!! happy new year you too from Italy!

R.N., Italy

Great job Stefan. Thanks

S.M. (GB)

Hi, many thanks.. Stefan im happy great mastering  and  fun  for  u..  lol..  happy music! Stefan I need  one more for u..   do you have a logo of you enterprise?  For add in cover album  example mastering in: info  and logo..  its possible? Thanks. Best Regards

Juan Barrera, Chile

Thanks, I like the great result. I appreciate it was fun for you to master it

P.C. , Belin

No way to be irritated! I really appreciate how you have worked on. Thanks for a quick reply, too. With all best

R.M., Ulm

home run, yes yes yes

I.K., Switzerland

Great job! Keep going... Thanks


Damn! Im very pleased. You are going to Master my songs in future. I will just complete the tune. It sound very well. Is the track good mixed or should i change something?

T.F., Sweden

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