Which is the ideal source format for mastering, and in which format will I receive my mastered material ?

Currently, our webserver only accepts WAV and MP3 files (AIFF is in preparation). MP3 is lossy compression process and thus, not ideal for mastering. If you want to supply us with MP3 files, please make sure that they are coded in at least 192 kbit/sec (stereo, not joint stereo).

We recommend you send us your files as a WAV format in any samplerate and bitrate.

Your song is good to master if you had no equlizer, comporssor or limiter in the sum signal, because a little bit headroom helps our work.

You will receive a master as a 16 bit/44.1 khz WAV file, which is a common reproduction format, to make an audio CD. On special request you will receive your files also in other formats.

There are several free programs to convert AIFF to WAV, e.g. Switch for Windows or SoX Wrap for Apple/Macintosh

In Apple Logic Pro you can convert an aiff audio file under: Audio Window –Audio File– Convert to WAV Stereo

For further information please send us mail to info@mastering-online.com. We are happy to answer any question.


What happens, if I have paid for the mastering, but I am not satisfied with the product ?

Tell us exactly what you are not satisfied with. We will make a new master according to your wishes. If you then are still not satisfied with the results, we give you your money back. In no case do we want to have unhappy customers.


Can a data loss (sound loss) occur during the file transfer ?

No. Your transferred data is binary coded, our upload function checks that the data has been completely transferred.


How do I download the audio files to my Apple Macintosh ?

In the safari webbrowser, open the "data upolad" window in the "window" menue. Move the marked url with copy/paste in that window. The file is loading on your computer.


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