The best of both worlds

Although it is common to use computers with lots of plug-ins in a music prodution, we prefer using high-end external hardware components. Solely software based audiosystem (daw´s) are not able to realise our vison of sound.

We prefer a combination of digita – and - analog technology. The Logic Pro 9 is a fascinating tool for any kind of editing, solving problems and creating music.

But the analog technique is still irreplaceable, to get a harmonic, warm and real unique sound. Tube compression, band saturation and high end class A equalizing are the main factors of our sonddesign.

In consequence we do not “bounce” a song in the mastering or mixdown process, but we record the music in realtime.


Due to popular demand we have adapted to the needs of many customers. To realize an optimal vocal recording is not only nesscessary to use a high-quality microphone and a good preamp, but a good, sound-neutral recording room is needed. With our new sound booth, we offer the opportunity for individual instruments such as horns and guitars, as well as sung and spoken voices recordings in ideal acoustic conditions.

In order to create optimal conditions for a musician, he gets the opportunity to adjust his own headphones mix. The Berlin MC Sinntec was one of the first rappers, who produced his production in our studio.


Studio Equipment

  • Tube Tech SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Kompressor (analogue multiband tube compression)
  • Avalon AD 2055 Pure (analogue class A equalizer)
  • Avalon VT747sp (analogue class A equalizer, compressor)
  • Klein & Hummel UE 1000 (analogue equalizer)
  • Midas Venice 240 (analogue desk)
  • Studer A 80 (analogue ¼” tape recorder)
  • EMT 248 Digital 32 Bit Audio Prozessor (digital prozessor, equalizer)
  • Drawmer Masterflow (digital processor)
  • Waves BCL digital Compressor / MaxxBass / Limiter (digital Prozessor)
  • Lexicon LFI 10 (digital audi format interface)
  • digidesign 003 (audio interface)
  • Apple Macintosh: Mac Pro
  • Logic Pro X
  • Pro Tools
  • Cubase
  • Wavelab
  • Voxengo
  • Izotope
  • SPL Audio
  • Brainworx
  • Mutec MC 3 Digital (audio master clock generator)
  • Genelec 1037 A + 1029 A monitor system + subwoofer
  • Genelec 1034 A monitor system
  • DYNAUDIO Contour 1.3 (monitor system)
  • Yamaha NS 10 (monitor system)
  • Bose Acoustimass 6 ( 5.1 surround Hifi system)
  • RTW 1205 D (digital level meter)
  • KLARK TECHNIK DN 60 (spectrum analyser)
  • FAST AUDIO (studio acoustics)



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